2007 Primitive Our. Cazalla de la Sierra

Apologies of another time

What actually changed from past to present in the history of man? Chart uses or political speeches differentiate us from the past? And which keep us still in the Middle Ages and beyond?
Vassalage, the lord, the throne, the slave, the service, the various systems of government that are mono-archies, contemporary feudalism, several theisms, religion, priests, the obligatory membership of a territory … etc.
Will the history of XXI century still be relevant in the thirtieth century beyond technical progress?
The closer man and society are to The Art and Science, the more freedom and evolution they will possess; inversely, the closer religion is to society, the more loss and limits there will be.

Trono de paja
76 x 56 cm
Mixta sobre papel

Camastro de paja
56 x 76 cm
Mixta sobre papel

Comentarios a la Guerra Civil
60 x 70 cm
Mixta sobre tela