Lately, I had the great opportunity to expose my work in Madrid´s Matadero contemporary culture center by the hand of AVAM.
At the same time, it was interesting because I could check as a novice sociologist how people who are not familiar with my work and philosophy. The one that encourage a person to make choices in life and develops through an uncertain future all together with the external factors that forge us unexpectedly.
From that time, and after a process of analysis, I came through two conclusions. Conclusions based on observations as well as listening not just opinions but mainly words when thinking aloud.
Let me try to expose you a selection of these voices and gestures:
1- First impressions of people were: - Hi! (to me; with and smiley face, in between nervous and surprised while having a look into the space surrounded them).
2- People, entering the room, gently, heading to the different pieces of art with open eyes, as if a bunch of junkies were doing “their things” and trying to avoid my look to celebrate their visit and give them a warm welcome. Instead, from their mouths only - mmmjimmasmam! words would came out. I am still thinking that it is because the zip in my trousers (those saving the Sparrow from flu) is unzipped or not. Still wondering if that was the real reason.
3- A 3 year old boy running around the room screaming so that everyone could hear: This is aaaaaaaaaart!!. Possibly, this boy did not know where he was going. Unconsciously, he had an idea in his head.
4- An old man, that uses to spend time at this center, by courtesy, stopped at some paintings exclaiming: -To be painted by children, these paintings are quite good - Kindergarten – primary school? His words were a pleasure to my eyes; I consider it as flatteries even knowing that such children were not able to write yet.
5- Those visitors that after their visit compare this art to other plastic methodologies try to look for a similarity: - Some to Haring… – Some others to Barceló in Felantix… etcetera. Some of this art has meeting points with Basquiat, another one pointed out. All of these comments are a consequence of how every single person faces their erotic relationships with a piece of art or an artist.
6- Those few people that took their time to walk around and stop in front of every piece of art, reading, unencrypting, wondering. Those ones who after that, took a second walk, stop again remaining unmoved, even for 17 minutes, in front of what I classify as thoughts pieces of art, nodding as a fish in a fishbowl. - I love it, this is crazy…! – It is strange! Let me explain that my scribbles building this project are created under the effects of a beer and always with some words in different languages. Although I do not speak them all, some of them badly, I have the knowledge enough to pick the key words to define ideas or objects in this art presented to you. Thus, Spanish is mixed with Greek, Italian, French, English or German. For those interested, Catalan has a friendly space as well.
7- Why are you not writing in Spanish? Instead of English.
8- Those curiosity lovers, usually older than me, with this childhood taste that highly reduces the prejudgments. Those prejudgments that allow the human being to be fascinated through new discoveries.

Finally, let me present you some of the conclusions as per the performances of this art viewers who came to the exhibition.

The first one, it is that social classes (high / low) are divided as such because of their curiosity or sociocultural knowledge. Economy is not a key factor in this hierarchy.
What happens today is a result of the primitive meritocracy accompanied by identify symbols like gold and others, positioned symbols that still remains without the merits to support them.
What Still remain alives on people’s conciousness is to provide to these ornaments a right value.

Second conclusion is about language. The fact of using different languages with me has provoked different conflictive feelings without any governance. Using short words in paintings, makes communication not to be an obstacle, Ma instead of But or Γiα instead of For. In other cases, sonority and naming of the different languages is determinant for the message. Thus, Kunst or Art do not have the same repercussion from the abstract which must designate, it nor will have. The use concern to a expressive violence. The most representative is that, using language as part of the art, I feel closer to the meaning of what it is designated getting far from the concept itself. Let me give you an example to clarify it. When defining a process, those parts where I am going to use the black color are randomly designated as Noir (the most used in this case), Maúpo, Black, Nero, Shwarz (the least) and Negro. That provokes me to get distant from the real meaning, giving another value to what has been designated, that is BLAAAAACKDEEPOOOOSCUROALLINADATODOETC.

Summing up, I have the affinity to what Foucault described about the first denomination that we give to the things that are far away and are unknown to us. But I’m not looking for the origins of a word, as a Kabbalist, want to discover.

That, Doctor, serves me as a child in the sense of experiencing what is designated, naming absent!

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