To everyone, I would…
… Encourage to transform an idiot, an epic complex task. Once done, we should be in such great pleasure that returning to the black side of the ignorance is almost impossible. The poison of the curiosity run through our veins and it will not go. The path of enlightenment, the truth, is not easy but spray to those that surround us with a bit of that light has tremendous positive consequences in the time.

I say remember to those fighting in high scales to local political orcs, old high calls misses, as well as giants and big headed. Those that in times of dark faith condemn memories that we are in the 21st century… Twenty… First!

And why is that? Because reading the news, I have seen how leisure and cultural promotion places are still continuously harassed and disappearing from that stupid domain. While the city is amazed about how its essence is being subdued to those changes affecting society and disfigure, impoverish and cultivate gold for just a moment.

Imagine that an idiot has a responsibility role, this person can ruin your life, a family´s life a city or a state. There are plenty of these examples till nowadays.

That’s the way they bother us. Every time that a warning is launched to a cultural place, artist, association, company or so, it is an attack to everyone else, even for those who are not there either. I can think of such an historic beachy place avant-garde in comparison to the rest in such situation that is La Cochera, in La Herradura, Granada. Another example is Planta Baja, that place that could be and it was not. This one that Ciengramos dedicated one of its series. Remember that one in La Vega: El Secadero harassed by the local mafia authorities till its closure. There are more but we do not want more to be. Stop there because we do not want to go back to middle ages. We do not want another Nestares Captain(1).

That´s why: become an ignorant, through stones to the ignorance lake till it is filled with lot of them and there is not a spot of ignorance available.

Still, there are managers in different fields that have not realized that investment in Science and culture reports incipient benefits. It is more profitable than tourism, some towns see it like this and some other… still do not.

Summing up: become and ignorant, go ahead, no fear. Go for the Idiot´s extinction.

If you know more cultural victims do not hesitate in publish them in the social networks, so that we reduce their expansion.

(1) The ignoramus responsable to kidnapping and assassination of Federico Garcia Lorca.

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