Let’s fair ! In this fair not trickling down arrobas of wine soils of albero nor fall spanish omelette and ham dishes everywhere mutilated. But joy, curiosity, business, social gatherings, exchanges of couples, and individual Art parades. Hey there! AND feasts.

This art-fair is an attempt to show the level of the contemporary Spanish art and its relations with the outside world, the national interest and the type of market that generates. The first dish and is the most important fair of ARCO, in this its 34th International Fair of Contemporary Art, an event that has varied its concerns and in something its objectives in the time, it is the result of the reflection that it had in his day a woman (a). That there is always something to thank her, and especially that the huge amounts of creators of contemporary art and culture of this country not hidden in the remembrance of the past heritage, nor that the best option for a Spanish artist was a single attempt and hungry to be somewhere, that was almost always outside. So even if you do not fit all, if it is a source for artists and social thermometer. In particular, this latest edition.

I remember the last six years of fair, which was more spaces dedicated to the arts avant-garde, modernism, etc. What is not very contemporary; many booths offered faint insurance values for sale before that the risks of readings on new future creators, then in my empathy breathed an air of moral unstable also justify in the term crisis, in the majority of spaces. A few, like Ulysses, continued its course. Other delirious with trappings of the prophet, saying even that the painting had already died. All that changed in some uncertainty. However on this occasion I appreciated greater intensity and luminosity in the environment, i have seen catching spaces that proclaimed his opinion. In Colombia, sensitive and thoughtful facilities, NY aires narcotics with the use of technologies, of Brazil the shelling of a single project that you transported to other parameters of the thought. From here a lot. Smaller Spaces attacked with all illusion and sometimes with small interventions full of power.
The 34th International Fair of Contemporary Art has begun a course again.

The evolutionary consequence of ARCO is the growing involvement of the city in the event with complementary activities, both public and private, and the emergence of parallel fairs on a smaller scale and relevance, Art Madrid with its 10th edition and JustMad in its 6th.
ArtMadrid we could identify it as an art market more to use, with international spaces but more national character in this edition, which in addition to find contemporary work appear above items, works whose reading encounter already due for these spaces and a more rapid economic dynamic, together with some artist who already has a presence in ARCO.
JustMad6 shows were between the two, with galleries and spaces more disparate, bolder proposals and international guests as Colombia. More dynamic and with some interesting proposals with relatively young spaces that attract us to artists growing. It is undoubtedly a good course for this fair, perhaps bet on the irreverence, joviality and youth that allows you to not be ARCO and thus offer a new alternative showcase. In this idea I built a profile as the introduction of greater value in the latest trends in urban art that occur in the world, since there is hardly an art fair value to these expressions beyond the complement. The risk of being emulated of something greater is that the copy is just that, copy, while mark a course itself is more to acquire an image and identity.

In the economic sphere the consequence is that it has emerged and has been ordained a dispersed market and the references that were not clear economic to develop joint strategies, that there is a space of national and European reference to its measure, even though we are still in our infancy compared to other European countries. According to the Art Price annual report of 2014 the market of contemporary art auctions moved in mid 2013 to mid-2014, 297 million euros, 77% the manages London, about 10% in France and the rest divided between Germany and Sweden. Obviously here the speculative theme is pretty active and basically harmful for creators and galleries. The Art fairs never give real data of balance sheets. As is our case, only hypotheses. Without doubt the one that this cultural mass continues to grow, gaining importance, is going to attract a greater movement of capital. Note that in this fair average prices marked were not nonsense as is popularly believed, and with values between the 8 000 € to 4 000 € could be made good investments at very affordable prices. In fact 80% of the world market prices in contemporary art is below the 10 000 €. In these movements of capital and with the unit of the involved, as I reiterated in other occasions, it’s going to make will be taken into account the contemporary art world by different governments to bear and to avoid to ballast a space that is continuously develops and generates huge revenues, we hope to benefit artists, gallery owners, curators, museums, collectors and lovers.

There have been many stakeholders and participants from all over this mess, but if it is true that a gratitude to the woman who started to get caught up at all, and is responsible for the consequences that I have recounted. ¡ Ole your … ! By reading the cultural future that deserved Spain and because I am convinced of that from his idea and its development, She encountered timorous and skeptics of her project, and continued on, faith herself, in the idea that it should grow over time. The gift has no price. And in both cases is something a lot to learn.

To finish curiously in this art world the majority of actresses and promoters that do grow are passionate women, risking a lot. Thanks. And I will write about then.

¡Besos a todas!

a. Juana Domínguez Manso, call Juana de Aizpuru.

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