Getting to know an artist creation in a regular exhibition center, most of the times an individual goes with interest and curiosity. Reviewing those feelings, I have found that on the way to the exhibition center an individual creates two prejudices before entering to enjoy the artist creation.

I am trapped in this prejudice when the artist is not known to me, it is a new work, a known person to me, or a similar action. I walk around with this pack of feelings levitating, avoiding big hipper grandmas, staring at the sun, a smiley brain and an idiot shining face. Until I arrive to the place and I admire the artist work with a humble ignorance feeling, always keeping curiosity as priority one. Once everything has been observed, I make my mind up again.

On the other hand, if the work that I am try to enjoy comes from a recognised artist, that we have had on any possible meeting, events, good critics opinions, then, i make sentences up like: -Let´s see how good he is on what he says he does! What are his ways of developing his art to win, to be there all the time, to gain all this recognition and respect? Taking into account all this noise around museums that goes with the hand with this show, I load myself with all this illusion as a child in a sweet and toys 7 floor shop! Intellectual orgasm. Parallel to this bunch of feelings, I keep special attention to appearances and expectations. These are more related to the sneaky hunter in the forest. Conclusion I expose myself to be cheated.

Thus, with the prejudice of the second attitude I went to visit the CAC where historiography of work of artists D Face and Shepard Fairey (Obey) was exposed. And they were with me.
Until now, every time I step on the auction market reconverted I leave happy; although the reception looks like a mix between an entrance neighborhood cultural center and a fish market.

Having a look to the work exposed by D Face I perceived an undeniable feeling for me, do not know how others would appreciate it: in almost all works from this artist, lies a duality of creation by opposing, something that according to those that knows the brain the most, would attribute to some kind of bipolarity or slight schizophrenia and this is only part of his own work. Not only in this work, but other time works. When doing such an intense opposition in between creations and process, they could even be denied in between themselves or even assigned to other artists already known; what I am really doing is activating dynamic process as a consequence of moving antagonistic realities.This process allow artist to provide of oxygen and open new ways of finding the infinite “something”.

This theory that flashed my thoughts is getting some weight when enjoying D Face work. This contrast of the beauty, clean and sordid PopArt of clean spaces and needed of irreverence, urban, punk, immediate action, himself revindication. This is why he shows the on working process richer in both resources. The mark of bow and the rage implemented in the creative process in wood and scratched, dirty superficies where the street feeling is perceived and the instant aphorism that impregnate walls, all together with its clean, pure, measured most PopArt antagonism possible reflected in canvas and exterior works respectably tidied up and more exhibition oriented.

Obey, know as Shepard Fairey. In this case, a well oriented marketing campaign has been crucial for me to be aware of the fame status of this artist, understood as an empty contents work without being unworthy of his work adding his situation of changing his name to be responsible of the OBEY Street Art. On the other hand, enjoying his art, this negative prejudice loses its meaning and helped by the reiteration of his technical resources and sensationalism that provokes to find easily the cynicism in De-S-Obey, the revolutionary man as well as propagandistic critic artist. He shows us a detailed work as a publicist with ethnic and upset slogans about social human attitudes. What it really brings the whole art of Obey to an overwhelming feeling is that volume of work, preparation and reiterative techniques. From the simplest monochromes techniques and drawings generates an overview and a transformation in the artist-work relationship. Adding to this, increasing the value and size of his work. The simple monochrome technique hidden in a bunch of layers, plots and signs that main purpose is to hide the real agony of the author. Under no doubt, it has to be accepted the fact that this mass media marketing process it is being used as a justification to spread his message, independently to the commercial Obey brand.

Although lacking of tools such as objects, forms, sprays and paintbrushes and varnish, I could tell that I have the feeling of reviewing a colleague’s work and this is a fact in favour of the museological work. It does not have sense to have it available in a museum, what, on the other hand extends the benefits between artist and his work.
In the wake of some interviews published by Hans Ulrich Olbrich about the intentions and works about first steps of the poshy deputy, not that formal, more risky. Still, I am missing some relax and comfortable place where to establish a relationship between space and objects, sofa or armchairs enjoying a moorish tea while enjoying any of the works. These are my most familiar habits that help to break with the context. moreover, intention to treat with which surround me in closer to a more familiar environment and further from consumerist aphorisms.

I have came up with two conclusion from two street rats:
I claim the dynamic art of self enmity of the artist’s mind, compared to the permanence of a static identity signs that facilitate the reading of his work and its follow-up by a collector or gallery owner. Since this manifestation of doubt is the engine of his activity and the evidence of transgression and evolution.
In the meantime the world keeps turning and turning, some still understand the north american influence as a way of detracting the authenticity of the things. (moral, aesthetic, or something too European) defending commerce, divulgation and benefits.China is another example of this “no fear” attitude. They decrease the value of the message, makes communication more simple, and drown the rest of the world with artists in the world top list, us (european /spanish) do not leave our skills behind. This is the time to recall Alessandro Baricco and his book: “Los bárbaros, ensayo sobre la mutación”, this is a short but instructive book describing what wine, football and other comparing them today with how they were in the past under the influence of the Barbarians cultural concept. Anglo Americans and chinese culture; why not to learn and imitate from them instead of regretting that they step over us in all facets.

mmmh…, I will keep myself thinking about that, looking forward that for once, they will be bowing us.

Translated by I. Hidalgo Posse

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