2017 A fistfull of Gods

My work analyzes the human inventions, the beliefs and convictions which defines and build the individual in a context, to be socially accepted. I navigate above political-religious ideologies, fashion and publicity of the community, in their origins and mutations.

From my research I show how the ideological vehicle to define the individual is education, from infancy. Generating and making more difficult the critical thinking and pragmatic valuation of things on the individual. Belief or conviction implies ideological limitations, areas of differentiated conquest and confrontations facing unknown spaces.

My reaction, from the place of contemporary plastic creation, is to raise the possibility that those convictions are not real, to doubt their truthfulness. Through painting and installations I pose situations or contexts that project another reality. I seek the child intrinsic to the individual, to release the individual from his ideological and moral burdens.

50 x 50 cm
Oil on canvas

120 X 100 cm
Oil on canvas